About Us

Jake has been doing what he loves professionally now for over 14 years. In 1999 Jake took his passion for the outdoors and hunting to the next level. He started training dogs at the largest well know kennel in the Upper Midwest. Through his hard work and dedication to provide quality training, Jake worked to become one of the most requested trainers at this facility.

Jake's first champion was his own dog Drake; who won the U.S. Open puppy flusher in 2000 and went on to win numerous awards throughout his competitive career, not to mention entertaining his family and friends with some neat tricks. These days Drake lives the dream in retirement, but Jake continues to train many dogs who have gone on to gain national recognition, prestigious titles, coveted awards and loyal companions.

Jake has taken the opportunity to achieve the American Dream and has gone into business for himself, here at Pine Creek Kennels. When it comes to training, Jake believes it is not about the number of years in the profession; but the number of quality dogs trained and the customer satisfaction that matters. Jake has well over 1000 dogs trained under his belt, he loves them, and it shows in his training, come see for yourself.

Outside of the Kennels, Jake has seven years of guiding experience where he has guided upland hunts at a five star lodge in South Dakota. Besides training Jake enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his family.

Look forward to meeting you,
JK Pine Creek Kennels